JS Global Properties / Methods

JavaScript global properties and methods can be used to create JavaScript objects.

JavaScript global properties

InfinityA numeric value representing positive infinity.
NaNIndicates whether a value is a numeric value.
undefinedIndicates an undefined value.

JavaScript global methods

decodes ()Decode an encoded URI.
decodeURIComponent()Decode an encoded URI component.
encodeURI()Encode a string as a URI.
encodeURIComponent()Encode a string into a URI component.
escape()Encode the string.
eval()Evaluate a JavaScript string and execute it as script code.
isFinite ()Check if a value is a finite number.
isNaN()Check if a value is a number.
Number()Convert the value of the object to a number.
parseFloat()Parses a string and returns a float.
parseInt()Parse a string and return an integer.
String()Convert the value of the object to a string.
unescape()Decode the string encoded by escape().