HTML DOM Console Object

The Console object provides access to browser debug mode information to the console.

assert()If the assertion is false, the error message is output in the message to the console.
clear()Clear the information on the console.
count()Record the number of count() calls, generally used for counting.
error()Output error message to console
group()Create a message group in the console. A complete message group starts with and ends with console.groupEnd()
groupCollapsed()Create a message group in the console. Like, but it is collapsed by default.
groupEnd()Set the end of the current message grouping
info()Console outputs a message
log()Console outputs a message
table()Display data in tabular form
time()A timer, which starts counting time, is used in conjunction with timeEnd() to calculate the exact amount of time an operation took.
timeEnd()Time out
trace()Displays the call path of the currently executing code in the stack.
warn()Output warning information, with a yellow triangle in front of the information, indicating a warning