HTML DOM Summary

You've learned HTML DOM, what's next?

HTML DOM Summary

This tutorial has shown you how to use the HTML DOM to enhance the dynamic interactivity of your website.

You've learned how to manipulate HTML elements in response to different scenarios.

For more information on HTML DOM, visit our HTML DOM Examples and HTML DOM Reference Manual .

Now that you've learned the HTML DOM, what's next?

In this tutorial, we have created dynamic web pages by using scripts on the client side (in the browser).

It is also possible to increase the dynamics of web pages by using scripts on the server.

With server-side scripting, you can edit, add, or change the content of web pages. You can respond to data submitted from HTML forms, access data or databases, and return results to the browser to customize pages for different users.

In the, you can learn the following server-side scripting tutorials:

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.NET Tutorial (Under Construction)

You can also take a quick look at the various server-side scripting techniques on our Server-Side Scripting series tutorial page.