HTML Global Attributes


 : HTML5 new attributes.

accesskeySet keyboard shortcuts for accessing elements.
classSpecifies the class name of the element (classname)
contenteditableNewSpecifies whether the content of the element can be edited.
contextmenuNewSpecifies the context menu of an element. When the user right-clicks the element, a context menu appears
data-*NewCustom data for storing pages
dirSet the text direction of the content in the element.
draggableNewSpecify whether an element can be dragged.
dropzoneNewSpecify whether to copy, move, link, or delete data
hiddenNewThe hidden attribute specifies that the element is hidden.
idSpecifies the unique id of the element
langSet the language code of the content in the element.
spellcheckNewCheck if the element is misspelled
styleSpecifies the inline style of the element (inline style)
tabindexSet the tab key control order of the elements.
titleAdditional information about the specified element (can be displayed in the tooltip)
translateNewSpecify whether the value of an element needs to be translated when the page loads