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HTML Reference Manual - (HTML5 standard)

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New : HTML5 New Tab

<!DOCTYPE>Define the document type
<a>Define hypertext link
<abbr>Define abbreviations
<acronym>The definition only takes the first letter abbreviation. HTML5 does not support.
<address>Define the contact information of the document author or owner
<applet>Deprecated in HTML5. Define the embedded applet.
<area>Define the area inside the image map
<article>NewDefine an article area
<aside>NewDefine the sidebar content of the page
<audio>NewDefine audio content
<b>Define text bold
<base>Define the default address or default target of all links on the page.
<basefont>HTML5 is not supported and deprecated. Define the default font, color, or size of the text on the page.
<bdi>NewAllows you to set a piece of text so that it is out of the text direction setting of its parent element.
<bdo>Define text direction
<big>Define large text, HTML5 does not support
<blockquote>Define long quotations
<body>Define the body of the document
<br>Define line break
<button>Define a click button
<canvas>NewDefine graphics, such as charts and other images, labels are just graphics containers, you must use scripts to draw graphics
<caption>Define table title
<center>HTML5 is not supported and deprecated. Define the centered text.
<cite>Define citation
<code>Define computer code text
<col>Define the attribute value of one or more columns in the table
<colgroup>Define the column group for formatting in the table
<command>NewDefine command buttons, such as radio buttons, check boxes, or buttons
<datalist>NewDefine a list of options. Please use this element in conjunction with the input element to define the possible values of the input.
<dd>Define the description of the item in the definition list
<del>Define deleted text
<details>NewUsed to describe the details of a document or a part of a document
<dfn>Definition Define Project
<dialog>NewDefine a dialog box, such as a prompt box
<dir>HTML5 is not supported and deprecated. Define the directory listing.
<div>Define a section in the document
<dl>Definition list details
<dt>Define the items in the list
<em>Define emphasized text
<embed>NewDefine embedded content, such as plug-ins.
<fieldset>Define the border around the elements in the form
<figcaption>NewDefine the title of the <figure> element
<figure>NewSpecify independent streaming content (images, charts, photos, codes, etc.).
<font>HTML5 is not supported and deprecated. Define the font, size and color of the text.
<footer>NewDefine the footer of a section or document.
<form>Defines the form of the HTML document
<frame>The window or frame that defines the frame set
<frameset>Define the frame set
<h1> to <h6>Define HTML title
<head>Define information about the document
<header>NewDefines the head area of the document
<hr>Define the horizontal line
<html>Define HTML document
<i>Define italics
<iframe>Define an inline frame
<img>Define image
<input>Define input controls
<ins>Define the inserted text
<kbd>Define keyboard text
<keygen>NewSpecifies the key pair generator field to be used in the form.
<label>Define the label of the input element
<legend>Defines the title of the fieldset element.
<li>Define the items of the list
<link>Define the relationship between the document and external resources
<main>Define the main part of the document.
<map>Define the image map
<mark>NewDefine marked text. Please use the <em> tag when you need to highlight text.
<menu>Deprecated. Define the menu list.
<meta>Define meta-information about HTML documents.
<meter>NewDefine weights and measures. Only used for metrics with known maximum and minimum values.
<nav>NewDefine the part of the navigation link
<noframes>Define alternative content for users who do not support the framework. HTML5 does not support
<noscript>Define alternative content for users who do not support client-side scripting.
<object>Define embedded objects
<ol>Define an ordered list.
<optgroup>Define the combination of related options in the selection list.
<option>Define the options in the selection list.
<output>NewDefine different types of output, such as script output.
<p>Define the paragraph.
<param>Define the parameters of the object.
<pre>Define pre-formatted text.
<progress>NewDefine the running progress (process).
<q>Define short quotes.
<rp>NewThe <rp> tag is used in ruby comments to define the content displayed by browsers that do not support ruby elements.
<rt>NewThe <rt> tag defines the interpretation or pronunciation of characters (I18N phonetic or characters).
<ruby>NewThe <ruby> tag defines ruby comments (I18N phonetic or characters).
<s>Deprecated. Define strikethrough text.
<samp>Define computer code samples.
<script>Define the client script.
<section>NewThe <section> tag defines a section in the document. Such as chapters, headers, footers, or other parts of the document.
<select>Define the selection list (drop-down list).
<small>Define small text.
<source>NewThe <source> tag defines media resources for media elements (such as <video> and <audio>).
<span>Define the section in the document.
<strike>HTML5 is not supported and deprecated. Define strikethrough text.
<strong>Define emphasized text.
<style>Define the style information of the document.
<sub>Define the subscript text.
<summary>NewThe <summary> tag contains the title of the details element, and the "details" element is used to describe detailed information about the document or document fragment.
<sup>Define superscript text.
<table>Define the table.
<tbody>Define the main content of the table.
<td>Define the cells in the table.
<textarea>Define a multi-line text input control.
<tfoot>Define the table note content (footnote) in the table.
<th>Define the header cell in the table.
<thead>Define the header content in the table.
<time>NewDefine the date or time, or both.
<title>Define the title of the document.
<tr>Define the rows in the table.
<track>NewThe <track> tag specifies an external text track for media such as video elements.
<tt>Define typewriter text.
<u>Deprecated. Defines the underlined text.
<ul>Define an unordered list.
<var>Define the variable part of the text.
<video>NewThe <video> tag defines a video, such as a movie clip or other video stream.
<wbr>NewSpecifies where in the text it is appropriate to add a newline character.