JavaScript Tutorial

Introduction to The Tutorial

JavaScript is the most popular scripting language in the world. JavaScript is a language belonging to the web, and it is suitable for PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. JavaScript is designed to add interactivity to HTML pages. Many HTML developers are not programmers, but JavaScript has a very simple syntax. Almost everyone has the ability to add small JavaScript snippets to web pages.

Tutorial Description

Javascript, from the "most misunderstood language", finally magically transformed into the "most popular language", proving that it can stand the test of time. Although individually, its interaction design has failed, but coupled with the perfect cooperation of Ajax, javascript has become a light and practical good grammar.

If you want to learn javascript more efficiently and systematically, you'd better adopt the learning mode of learning while practicing.

Next, let us calm down and open this tutorial on Javascript. You can learn basic content such as JavaScript code specifications, JavaScript function writing, JavaScript regular expressions, and JavaScript logical operations.

The content included in the advanced tutorial includes a very important introduction to JavaScript objects, an introduction to the JavaScript Window object model, JavaScript libraries and JavaScript examples, etc. Each chapter is worth studying carefully.

After completing this tutorial, it is recommended that you practice javascript to consolidate the knowledge you have learned.


Javascript Introduction

JavaScript is also called ECMAScript because it is compatible with the ECMA standard. As a scripting language, JavaScript has been widely used in Web pages. It can realize various cool dynamic effects by embedding HTML and provide users with pleasing browsing effects. In addition, it can also be used to control cookies and server-side programming based on Node.js technology.

JavaScript is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. The complete JavaScript implementation consists of three parts: ECMAScript, Document Object Model and Browser Object Model. In the early stage of development, the standard of JavaScript was not determined. In the same period, there were Netscape's JavaScript, Microsoft's JScript and CEnvi's ScriptEase. In 1997, under the coordination of ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association), a working group composed of Netscape, Sun, Microsoft, and Borland determined a unified standard: ECMA-262.

Javascript Development Tools






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Javascript Example

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